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New Revelation Raises Major Questions about Carpenter

February 3, 2015

Islip Town Democratic Leader Gerry Pallotta today demanded to know if the members of the Islip Town Council were aware of Treasurer Angie Carpenter's involvement in depositing tens of millions of taxpayer dollars with politically connected banks. A report in today's Newsday notes that within months of Signature Bank hiring the brother of Suffolk County Conservative Leader Edward Walsh that Carpenter began depositing taxpayer dollars with the bank, ultimately depositing up to $72 million.

Pallotta said the following:

"Did Angie Carpenter share this information with the Islip Town Board when they were considering her appointment or did she hide it from them? Considering that the appointment does not become effective until March 2, I urge the Town Board to reconsider her appointment until such time as this issue has been fully investigated and the results have been made public. If not, then each Town Board member is personally responsible for turning a blind eye to potential corruption.

I personally find it difficult to believe Angie Carpenter's public explanation that it is a coincidence that she began depositing millions in taxpayer dollars with Signature Bank within months of their hiring of Edward Walsh's brother.

Edward Walsh's political cronies, including fired Parks Commissioner Joseph Montouri, are at the center of the corruption and mismanagement which is hurting Islip residents. The fact that he is now involved in a banking scandal with Angie Carpenter confirms that she is just more of the same and Islip deserves better."