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The Islip Young Dems

Islip Young Dems logoThe Islip Town Young Democrats is an organization dedicated to inspiring and empowering young, democratic minded people to become involved in their community and government. The organization operates under the guidance of the Islip Town Democratic Committee. The committee will provide an understanding of local, town, state and federal government along with the skills necessary in supporting worthy candidates. With their knowledge and experience, our current young committee members will provide assistance with future recruiting and campaign projects.

The purpose of the organization is to encourage young people to become actively involved through community service and a commitment to supporting our elected officials and candidates. Members will become aware of the services local government provide and how they affect their community.

The belief of both the Islip Town Democratic Committee and the Islip Town Young Democrats is one of a balanced, transparent government. Elected officials and candidates must hold the democratic principles of our party, while understanding the needs of our diverse community.

The goals of the Islip Town Young Democrats include recruiting and networking with other young democrats, as well as, building and strengthening our base and causes. The Town of Islip is one of great diversity. The committee will strive to provide the same volunteer opportunities town wide, encouraging members to work together for the betterment of the town and all of its communities.

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