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Steven J. Flotteron Faces Serious Legal And Ethical Charges Pertaining To Alleged Intellectual Property Theft


Islip Town Councilman Steven J. Flotteron Faces Serious Legal And Ethical Charges Pertaining To Alleged Intellectual Property Theft And Alleged Misuse Of Public Resources, Forces Taxpayers To Pay For Legal Defense

Islip, NY – Today, Astrid Fidelia, a candidate for Town Board, has filed an official complaint with the Office of the New York State Comptroller alleging that Islip Republican Town Councilman Steve Flotteron’s “Historic Islip Trail” map is a campaign piece which should not be permitted on the Town’s taxpayer funded website, nor should it continue to be distributed through official means at Town Hall.

This document, an official product of the Councilman’s office, was created in a collaborative effort by himself, his daughter, the Town of Islip Public Information Office, a number of students from Bay Shore High School, an aspiring college aged artist/historian, and County Treasurer Angie Carpenter’s ACT Communications Group. On the rear of the map, one finds the very same photograph of Councilman Flotteron that graces his campaign materials, along with a message noting that the document was created “at no cost to Islip Taxpayers,” a claim that begs further investigation.

Campaign Finance Records for “Friends of Steven J. Flotteron” show a payment of $1,025.00 for “Printing” to ACT Communications on September 13th, 2013. This payment reveals the true nature of the Historic Islip Trail; a craven use of public resources and children’s volunteer time to create just another piece of campaign literature for Mr. Flotteron’s desperate re-election bid.

Mr. Flotteron has subsequently been observed at four separate campaign events handing out this document in place of a standard candidate palm card, confirming any suspicions one might have as to his intent to abuse public resources for political gain.

In yet another twist to this already sordid tale, today Mr. Flotteron and the Town of Islip were officially served with a notice of claim by internationally known film historian Thomas Santorelli. The claim alleges that in the creation of the website portion of the Historic Islip Trail, large sections of an article published by Mr. Santorelli were plagiarized without credit to the author. Upon learning of this, Mr. Santorelli merely requested that his work be properly attributed, a request which Mr. Flotteron ignored, leaving the Town Attorney to defend him in the matter, at taxpayer expense. In light of Mr. Flotteron’s flagrant disregard for the law and common decency, Mr. Santorelli will be pressing charges against the Councilman and the Town of Islip.

Astrid Fidelia said, “Steve Flotteron has done things that would make Pete McGowan blush. It’s completely over the line of what the public expects of its elected representatives. His actions have put the Town in serious legal and financial jeopardy and he has the nerve to stand behind the Town’s attorney so that the taxpayers can pick up the tab for his defense.”