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Licari Reform Team seeks to "ignite business" in Islip


The Licari Reform Team led by small business owner and attorney, Thomas Licari have a proven record of the type of fiscal discipline and entrepreneurial spirit the Town of Islip government needs. The team includes Mayor of Brightwaters Joe McDermott, small business owner Chris Pulitano of Holbrook, former Islip Foreign Trade Zone Chair Astrid Fidelia and Community Leader Maxima Castro of Brentwood.

The Licari Reform Team will cut the red tape and streamline the permitting process, allowing small businesses to get the head start they need to survive and thrive. The team will reform town bureaucracy and propose a "One Stop" small business center as part of their Main Street Revitalization Program. They will hold the Industrial Development Agency accountable and demand an increase in its effectiveness.

Together they will bring transparency to Town Government, end the culture of corruption and eliminate patronage jobs.