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Islip Dems and Leg. Candidate Monica Martinez Successful In Court Stopping Aggressive, Anti-Democratic Tactics by Leg. Montano


For immediate release
August 29, 2013

Islip, NY –Democracy has triumphed in court today as litigious legislator Rick Montano failed in another legal attempt to interfere with Monica Martinez in her challenge for the seat in the 9th Legislative District, as state Supreme Court Judge James F. Quinn dismissed a lawsuit brought by Montano.

Earlier in the week, Mr. Montano had attempted to file a restraining order and injunction against the Islip Democratic Committee and Monica Martinez in State Supreme Court, making baseless, scurrilous accusations against both the Islip Democrats and Monica Martinez – that request was also rejected by the Court. With the September 10th primary date rapidly approaching, many viewed this effort by Mr. Montano as a desperate attempt to maintain power and prevent the voters from having the choice to select a new, passionate leader to represent them.

Islip Democratic Committee Chairman Gerry Pallotta said, “Today's ruling dismissing Rick Montano's shameless legal maneuver is a great victory for the residents in the 9th Legislative District who hunger for change and thirst for real Democratic leadership and representation in the person of Monica Martinez.  Rather than campaign on his unenviable record as a County Legislator, it seems Rick Montano wanted to use the courts to rewrite New York State election laws to deny Brentwood and Central Islip voters their democratic right of discussion and choice at the ballot box this primary day.”

The court found that Mr. Montano had no standing to bring his petition before the court, dismissing all charges, and leaving the decision in the hands of the voters, as it should have been in the first place.

Mr. Pallotta continued, “Today we were reminded that the system still works. Power hungry politicians don’t get to steamroll over the voters or the democratic process just because they feel entitled to the office they hold.”