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Tom Murray

Candidate for: 
NYS Assembly - District 7

Tom Murray is an environmental attorney living in Bayport, New York. Tom grew up in neighboring Sayville. When he and his wife Caitlin were looking for their first home, Long Island's South Shore was their first choice.

Tom is running for Assembly because he wants all children to have the great upbringing that he had, and too many children do not have that opportunity. Tom understands how hard it is for working families on Long Island, and young Long Island natives who want to stay but feel priced out by the high cost of living. Tom wants to preserve and conserve our communities and environment to maintain the quality of life Long Islanders have fought for and come to expect.

He is working with Save the Great South Bay with their Creek Defender program to help clean waterways flowing into the Great South Bay and will sponsor and support legislation protecting our environment and waterways.

Tom's focus in the Assembly will be solving local issues and working with the majority in the Assembly to help bring additional funding to the district. He hopes to eventually find a solution to the Oakdale Merge and will advocate for funding to fix it every year. He will work to try and secure state funding to help homeowner's upgrade their cesspools to septic systems that will decrease the flow of nitrogen into our waterways.

Tom is an active member of the Greater Sayville Civic Assocation and a former Trustee of the Sayville Library Board. Tom has worked to elect democratic candidates at various levels in different states since he was a teenager. While attending college, he worked for Assemblywoman Ginny Fields on Long Island and on a presidential campaign in New Hampshire. While in law school at the University of Richmond, he volunteered on the campaigns of Tim Kaine and Terry McAuliffe in Virginia.