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Residents skeptical on RCP Cleanup Worries of lower home values, higher taxes
Chairman Pallotta introduces The Licari Reform Team To Restore Fiscal Discipline back to Town Hall
Licari Reform Team seeks to "ignite business" with Main Street Revitalization Plan
State AG considers civil action in Brentwood toxic dumping scandal
Decisive Victory for Assemblyman Phil Ramos Chairman Gerry Pallotta statement on Election Day Victory
"Environmental Nightmare" Residents near Roberto Clemente Park in Islip fear for their health
DA probes allegations of illegal dumping at Roberto Clemente Park in Brentwood


On Tuesday November 3rd, Vote for the Tom Licari Reform Team The Islip Town Democratic Committee has assembled a slate of candidates from all parts of Islip. They are union members and small business owners who believe that Islip deserves better.

The Reform Team includes Tom Licari for Town Supervisor, Chris Pulitano and Brightwaters Mayor Joe McDermott for Town Council, Astrid Fidelia for Town Clerk, and Maxima Castro for Receiver of Taxes.

This team is committed to fight for homeowners, small business owners, and all of the hardworking people of this town, to clear their path of unnecessary red tape and bureaucracy so that we can ensure that our local administration supports rather than stands in the way of their success. They pledge to keep our taxes stable and within the governor's tax cap, to eliminate waste, to restore accountability, and to increase transparency. They will restore fiscal discipline, and operate the Town for the benefit of residents, not as a source of political patronage.

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October 21, 2016

These are perilous times at home and abroad.

Our economy is in stasis, pinching the dreams of millennials and leaving many older workers behind. Gaping fault lines in race relations are again laid bare. Evolving gender roles widen the cultural divide.

The Middle East is wracked by endless conflict, Russia growls and a more assertive China imperils our allies in the East. The threat of terrorism rises. The dangers of...| read more ››

October 16, 2016

In her first term, Democrat Kimberly Jean-Pierre of Wyandanch delivered for her district by sponsoring property-tax relief for Sandy victims, and supporting tougher laws on zombie homes. She brought home $4.5 million in capital funds for local needs. That includes $1 million she sought from the Assembly speaker to match other state and federal funding pledges for a microbrewery incubator in Copiague.

Republican Shawn...|

October 15, 2016

Looking to vote in the general election on Nov. 8, 2016? Here are important details to know.


It was Friday, Oct. 14, 2016, at 11:59 p.m., but if you missed the deadline, you get a one-day grace period to register in person because it’s a presidential election year. There will be multiple locations on Long Island where you can do so on Saturday, including Roosevelt Field mall and community...| read more ››